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Say Howdy to Spirited Meetings

Our team is dedicated to helping you produce an event that your company will thank you for. We’ll work with you from conception to execution to ensure our event rooms meet your company’s specifications, and that each additional meeting room only facilitates the breakthroughs that are sure to happen there.

Spirited meetings are our specialty. An open-air pool deck or an off-site round of laser tag may not be top of mind tools for honing your organization’s professional and interpersonal know-how, but we believe they should be. We’re committed to supporting you as you discover new ways to challenge your company through invigorating your event programs.  After all, a good event isn’t all world-class WiFi and unparalleled A/V technology (though we have those, too). In reality, a good event is less flashy than that: it’s engaging, innovative, thought-provoking, and memorable.

It’s an experience that elevates the professional life and enriches the personal life. It’s an experience that people will cheer for when they first catch wind of the plan, and that they’ll advocate for long after it’s wrapped up. In that sense, it’s the same feeling we get from being an Aggie: pride, belonging, and a readiness for the next chapter in the Aggie story.

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