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Go Wild in Aggieland

Wild About Aggieland Safari

Aggieland is going wild about the Aggieland Safari adventure zoo and drive-thru safari park in Bryan, Texas.  Aggieland Adventure Zoo and Safari Park is an Aggie owned and operated organization born from a love of animal stewardship and dedication to conservation. The park offers over 450 acres of family-friendly, educational, and conservation-based opportunities to interact with over 100 species of wildlife, including several extinct-in-the-wild species and more than 20 endangered species!

An Expedition of Epic Proportions

Animal lovers of all ages can experience Aggieland Safari's adventure zoo, drive-thru safari, wildlife recreation center, animal feeding experiences, special events, and more!

In the Drive-thru Safari, connect with the animals in a way you’ve never imagined while touring over 250 acres! Purchase a bucket of feed and have an  up close and personal visit from our safari friends, all from the comfort of your vehicle.

Visit the Adventure Zoo and explore the Bushwalk “Safari on Foot” that includes over 20 acres of up-close exhibits and walk-through animal experiences. Here you’ll get a chance to feed tortoises, birds, and giraffes as well as visit our animal nursery to meet and hold the newest zoo family members.

Drive-Thru Safari

Get up close to wild animals as you drive through 250 acres of safari. Purchase a bucket of feed at the start of your drive to connect with hundreds of animals. Enjoy this intimate interaction with animals all from the comfort of your own car.

Adventure Zoo

Amble through 20 acres of zoo. The exhibits—such as the Animal Barn and Nocturnal Hallway—feature over 50 mammals, birds, and reptiles. See a giant tortoise, hippo, kangaroo, and more, alongside species you may never have seen before.

Animal Encounters

Meet one of Aggieland Safari's ambassador animals in a private animal encounter. These are among the most interactive experiences as experts will show you how to safely interact with the animals and answer all the wildlife questions you've got.
*Temporarily unavailable due to COVID-19*

Stay, Then Safari

Rest up for your Aggieland adventure.

Experience Howdy Hospitality at Texas A&M Hotel and Conference Center before you embark on your day in the wild. Explore campus, dig into a mouthwatering meal, and even pick-up some food on the go, all before you head to Aggieland Safari.
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