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Tips and Tricks for Planning College Station Weddings

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Every wedding is as unique as the couple they’re intended to celebrate. Maybe it’s rustic yet elegant. Maybe it’s clean and contemporary. Maybe it’s a black tie affair, the women in pearls and the men in bowties and cufflinks. Or maybe it’s bathed in maroon and white everything, an Aggie wedding through and through. Either way, the wedding should be indicative of the couple--a representation of who they are that’s strong enough to speak for them if they have yet to enter the room.

As magical as these ceremonies and receptions can be, though, planning one isn’t always as enchanting. Hiring a wedding planner is a good first (and often instinctual) step for any newly engaged couple, but no one can blame the bride or groom for wanting to keep their own finger on the pulse of the party. Event spaces and their wedding planning partners in crime usually have the big picture covered, but it often takes an extra special touch to ensure every detail is as personalized as possible.

Rather than dive right into the wedding planning deep end, brides and grooms-to-be are better off getting their feet wet with the tried and true must-dos from the people who’ve been there before. Brush up on the wedding planning tips and tricks every bride and groom will need to bring their dream wedding to life while avoiding the chaos of learning on-the-go.

get organized

The next best thing to a bride and groom doing everything themselves is knowing who’s doing what, when, and why. There aren’t enough hours in the day or cells in the brain to keep track of every detail, but that doesn’t mean the couple won’t want to have oversight on everything from floral arrangements to napkin colors. Apps designed for wedding planning will make this all the easier--and spare even the busiest couple the stress of inconsistent communication or details gone awry.

Consider apps like iWedding Deluxe, which includes a To-Do list, budget tracker, and vendor info, or download Appy Couple, a one-stop wedding planning shop for managing RSVP’s and making last minute tweaks to seating arrangements. Pair these with simpler tools, like Wedding Countdown, which cut through the clutter to remind busy couples of what really matters: the “I do.”

Make A Priorities List

The best apps will help brides and grooms get a hold of the big picture, but what about the details? The must-haves at any wedding are unique to the bride and groom, yet when it comes to these more personalized touches, it’s easy to focus so intently on the forest that the trees become an afterthought. Brides and grooms should take a moment before the wedding frenzy begins to decide on one to three truly important elements without which their wedding wouldn’t feel like “theirs.”

Maybe it’s finding the perfect live band. Maybe it’s hand-crafting the bouquets and floral centerpieces. Maybe it’s asking a close friend to sing a song as the bride makes her way down the aisle. Whatever those musts are, identify them, write them down, and shape the rest of the wedding around those details to protect the genuine sentiments behind the celebration.

Tie the Knot Somewhere Meaningful

Impactful wedding venues make a statement, encouraging conversation among guests or inspiring the party’s best dance moves even before the drinks have been poured. That’s why a wedding worth raving about is as much about the venue as it is about the couple. Select a venue that’s both meaningful to the bride and groom and an appropriate size for the guest list.

An Aggie bride and groom might get married at College Station wedding venues near the place they fell in love. An outdoorsy couple might tie the knot beneath a vibrant canopy of trees. A city-minded couple might spend their special day in a hole-in-the-wall near their favorite busy block. Either way, a venue that’s true to the couple and comfortable for even the craziest cousins is sure to be a winner for the bride, groom, and guests alike.

Take Time to Slow Down

For all the time and effort a bride and groom will spend planning a wedding, they’ll scarcely spend the blink of an eye enjoying it. From the pre-ceremony hair and makeup to the special songs, vows, flashing cameras, and misty-eyed well wishes, it’s easy for what should be a simple celebration to turn into a whirlwind.

Brides and grooms should make a point to lean into the still moments, the moments in which they can revel in the love they share and the good wishes showered upon them by their guests. Go for a walk, find a quiet corner, or even instate a “safe word” for when it’s time to take a break. Weddings are celebrations, but they’re also memories. Brides and grooms would be wise not to miss them.

Planning a wedding can be a test of willpower. The many easily-missed details are enough to leave even the most even-keeled couples pulling their hair out. It’s easy to get lost in the chaos, but the brides and grooms who can stay organized and keep their eye on what truly matters will find their way to the alter all the better for it. Wedding planning begins with love, and it will end that way too. The rest is just icing on the cake.

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