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Guests Reveal 6 Things You Need to Know About Texas A&M Hotel

What’s in a name? Being named Texas A&M Hotel and Conference Center says almost everything you need to know about our hotel before you set foot inside. There is truth to what our name implies: maroon & white is in our blood as well as on our walls, and the “Howdy” greeting flows freely through our Aggie-adorned halls. But in our case, the keyword worth paying attention to in that sentence isn’t “everything,” it’s “almost.”

Sure, some of our guests have already swum in the Aggieland deep end, but many have only just dipped their toes in the pool. Just as there’s more to each of our guests, there’s more to our hotel than you may know. Our guests are invited to indulge better, sleep deeper, and explore the best of Texas A&M and College Station, Texas, not because we’re located on the Texas A&M campus, but because we have so much more to offer than that alone.

Discover all the things you didn’t know about our hotel (but should!) as told by the guests themselves.

The Aggie is in the Details

The Aggie spirit shows up in our hotel in more than just splashes of maroon and white. Find Aggie-inspired elements in every nook and cranny, from the wall art, to the throw pillows, to the engraved shower handles.
“The room was very well-appointed but my two favorite things were watching the sun rise over Kyle field from my window and the Gig ‘Em Aggies” engraved on the shower handle!” - Jill D.
“Sleeping under a lighted picture of Kyle Field is better than sleeping under the stars! The room was beautifully decorated and encompassed all things Aggie!” - Cathryn B.

Our Team Is Always At Your Fingertips

Keep our team on-hand no matter where your College Station adventures take you. Receive a warm welcome upon arrival, then utilize our texting service to stay in touch before, during, and after your stay.
“The atmosphere is great, the facility is topnotch, but what is really great is the initial greeting you get at the front desk. I travel quite a bit for work and pleasure, and having that Aggie greeting when you first walk in sets the tone for the entire stay.” - Egan C.
“It is quite incredible to have a beautiful facility so unique to our school right in the heart of campus. I loved the text communications before, during, and following the stay. Easy way to access information.” - Chesney C.

Here, You Can Rest Easy

When a train whistle blows in the great city of College Station, it represents so much. It represents the origins of a one-of-a-kind college town that found its name and roots in the development of the Houston and Texas Central Railway.  But even more than that, it represents the countless new beginnings of freshman arriving to embark on a new adventure, war heroes being welcomed home, dignitaries visiting this great university and as a connection for all with the past to the present.  

We aim to create a trainquil restful environment for each of our overnight guests by offering noise machines, herbal teas, sleep kits with eye masks and upgraded ear plugs, lavendar diffusers and balms, as well as a variety of pillow options to help you find your perfect fit.
“The bed was so comfortable. I usually do not sleep well the first night in a hotel, but I slept like a baby.” - Sherri K

And Then Wake Up with a Coffee Cocktail

Wake up with your favorite brew at The Junction Market and Cafe, or let us perk up your afternoon with a specialty coffee cocktail. One of the unsung heroes of The Junction is their imaginative, espresso-based cocktail offerings. Each unique flavor packs a caffeine punch paired with sweetness you’ll need in the afternoon. Try the “Ice Ice Baby,” with fresh cold brew, amaretto, vanilla syrup, and cream.
“I had the Sugar Daddy (12/10 recommend. It’s like fall in a cup!) and the Ice Ice Baby (which I also rate as a 12/10 because it was straight up dessert in a cup). With PLENTY of seating, large tables, bench seating, and EXCEPTIONAL views, heading to the Junction to relax, get some homework done, or meet with someone is now easier than ever.” Matt Jones, Field + Lane

Enjoy a Drink With a View on Our Upper Deck

Raise a glass to Kyle Field during more than just a tailgate. From the Block T Bar patio to the upper deck, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a drink spot at our hotel that doesn’t feature Kyle Field. Our top Gameday secret? Don’t miss our Gameday pop-up bars, giving you plenty of options for a drink or two even on College Station’s busiest days.
“This hotel is amazing! You can get a front row view of Texas A&M Campus and Kyle Field from the upper deck while enjoying a beverage! Can’t get better than that!” - Michelle C.
"The bar service was amazing and the hotel atmosphere and decor were terrific. This will be the only place we stay while at Texas A&M." - Cheryl R.

Never Miss the Aggie Moments That Matter

Staying on the Texas A&M campus has its perks--especially for those guests who don’t want to miss a Gameday moment. Here, you won’t have to.
“It was amazing to walk back and forth from the room throughout the weekend and not worry about parking, traffic, or a place to sit and relax. From midnight yell, to afternoon activities, the game itself and finally the overnight bonfire memorial ceremony, we always had home base. Plus, we felt we got to experience the heartbeat of the campus, and all the tradition and culture of Texas A&M, staying there.” - Chuck P
“The best part of my stay was I could allow my teenagers that were ready to go 4th quarter, to walk across the street to the Texas A&M Hotel and order a pizza, while I stayed and watched the game!!! If we had been at a different hotel, we would have all had to leave together and I may have missed the end of The Game of The Century!!!👍🏼#BTHOLSU” - Kathy
Experience for yourself all there is to love about Texas A&M Hotel. Discover something your fellow Ags should know about that didn't make the list? Feel free to share!
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