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Considering a Spring Vacation? Here’s Why You Should Go.

When spring is in the air, you’ll know it. You’ll feel it in the suddenly longer days, warmer nights, and the undeniable urge to adventure. And even though spring is a season labeled for cleaning, there’s so much more to it than that.

Spring is the gateway between winter and summer. It’s a stretch of season where the weather is typically warmer, yet the temperatures could still drop and snow could still fall at any minute. It’s a time of year where everything in the world reawakens--from the greener grass to the flowers rising up from the cold with bold, bright faces. Throughout spring, people come to life in much the same way, which is one of many reasons why it’s an ideal season to travel.

“Spring Break” Isn’t Just for College Kids

The spring break state of mind gets a bad rap. As far as pop culture is concerned, spring break is a time to fly to Cabo or road trip to South Padre Island and throw all rules by the wayside, but the reality is that it truly does come at a time when most of us are ready for a break. For most of us, company holidays are few and far between during the wide stretch of time between the new year and spring--if they’re there at all. Considering the fact that this stretch of time without paid vacation comes off the back of taxing holiday travel, it’s no wonder that most of us are burning the midnight oil by the time we make it to March.

That’s why spring travel is often more invigorating than travel at any other time of year. The occasional cold day will give you an excuse to hang out in your hotel room and order room service if you so choose, while streaks of warm weather will encourage you to get outside and literally smell the roses. Sure, these types of spring break trips may be a little different than the ones you planned in college, but chances are they’ll also be much more rewarding--and with plenty of crisp, clear memories to look back on.

You’ll See Things Unique to the Season

Spring’s true colors are an enigma. Green grass and unpredictable showers often stick around for a little while, but there’s so much of spring that won’t. By summer, much of what makes spring special may no longer be accessible. Flowers fade, grass yellows, and the weather ramps up to temperatures that aren’t as enjoyable. That’s why seeing a destination in spring is seeing it it at its most idyllic.

Because spring is a season of regrowth, you’ll see each destination as it’s meant to be. In Texas, that means pleasant weather, vibrant wildflowers, and lush green fields as far as the eye can see. Whether its cherry blossoms in D.C., inclusive resorts in Punta Cana, or white sands in Puerto Rico, you’ll be seeing the best your new locale has to offer. And when you have limited time to step away from the every day, wouldn’t you want to make the most of it? Spring trips will all but guarantee that you do.

Top Travel Destinations Won’t Be All That Busy--Yet

Shifty spring weather can be the unpredictable element that dissuades many from traveling in the spring. This is actually a good thing. Many destinations see summer as their top season for tourists, and while traveling during the warmest months of the year does have its appeal, its an appeal that everyone else also chooses to act on. You don’t need to be one of those people.

In addition to being a beautiful time to visit, spring is also an opportunity to beat the crowds that otherwise flock to popular attractions throughout the United States. National parks are hit hard, as are museums and big cities and notable landmarks in just about every state. And while there’s nothing wrong with sharing an attraction with swathes of other people, you’ll likely have a more enriching experience if you can see everything on your own terms. Anyone interested in a more personalized experience would do well to travel in the spring, and especially during the week, as these are the travel times most others won’t seriously consider.
Don’t wonder whether or not you should go on a spring vacation. Just go. From the month of March through May, the world can be your oyster as students are in school, adults are at work, and some of the country’s most enticing destinations are yours to discover. Spring is one season where the early bird truly gets the worm. This year, be sure you’re the earliest.
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