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Dreaming of College Station

College Station may not be on your bucket list in the immediate future. But Gamedays and your favorite local restaurants will be on the horizon before you know it. In the meantime, dream a little dream of College Station, featuring any of these activity planning guides. When you're ready to make the trip, we'll be here.

College Station Planning Guides

Your trip to College Station may have to wait for a little while. But planning that trip does not. Take this time to pick out the perfect museums, parks, and more for your trip to College Station. You never know what new activities and attractions you'll find to add to the itinerary.

museum guide

Museums aren’t exactly known for their kid-friendliness. They’re often full of highly breakable artifacts, and they aren’t always relatable to those under the age of 12  But this isn't the case in Aggieland, you need to experience museums in Bryan College Station.

Parks Guide

Make no mistake, spring in Texas can get warm. Though you might be better off sticking to the A/C on some days, College Station parks also make it easy to enjoy the great outdoors. Discover six of College Station's best playgrounds, parks, nature trails and more.

Family Guide

There are more things to do with kids in College Station than in most other Texas towns. Make time for family fun during your summer vacation with these handpicked recommendations and tips. Experience all College Station has to offer whether you stay for a weekend or longer.

Bring College Station to You

Just because you can't go there (yet), doesn't mean you can't take a mental vacation as if you were. Tailgate at home, imagine the smell of the Texas bluebonnets, or put yourself back in downtown Bryan for a First Friday. It's all still at you fingertips if you just close your eyes and return to the College Station spirit.

Campus Landmarks

Revisit a place where all of Texas A&M University's best landmarks are right at your fingertips. From event venues to beloved buildings and the Century Tree, rediscover the points of interest that made you fall in love with Aggieland in the first place.

Tailgating at Home

For most Aggies, tailgating in Aggie Park on a Saturday before Gameday is something of a rite of passage. Since you may be missing traditions like these ones right about now, that's all the excuse you need to throw your own tailgate at home.

Sights & Sounds

Small towns like College Station make it easy to get to know them, to get acquainted with the sights, sounds, and flavors unique to their corner of the universe. Spring trips can be quick, which is why you’ll want to spend your time in a town you can truly embrace.

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