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4 Spring Events Unique to Texas A&M University

Raise your hand if you think spring is the best season of the year. If your hand is down, chances are you have yet to visit Texas A&M University or College Station between the months of March and May. If you had, you’d be waving your hand in the air simply because you care a lot for the events and attractions that make this pretty piece of Texas so unique.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of College Station in the spring is the Texas A&M campus itself. While it’s true that Texas A&M is one-of-a-kind in the fall (we have Gameday to thank for that), its true magic comes to light throughout the spring. The Century Tree is green as can be, as is the surrounding vegetation on the Academic Plaza. Students crowd Aggie Park and other open spaces throughout the campus along with fellow College Station locals and springtime travelers.

Even beyond the buzz in the air, though, Texas A&M offers a spring experience unique to other Texas towns. Throughout the spring, you’ll experience a little bit of Aggie athletics, a little bit of true Texas flowers, and a little bit of the spirit Texas A&M is known for, each of which takes shape just outside our front door. Discover four things everyone should experience during a springtime stay at Texas A&M Hotel and Conference Center.

Aggie Basketball

No list would be complete without a mention of the Aggie sport of the moment. In the spring, that sport is basketball. Though we could wax poetic about the history of the game in College Station, we’ll instead focus on the way the game is now. Football Gamedays often receive most of the Aggie athletic hype, but the basketball spirit is just as invigorating. Like the Fightin’ Texas Aggie football team, the basketball team also plays in the SEC, meaning top teams from around the nation will make a stop in College Station during the spring. But that’s not the only reason to stop by Reed Arena.

The bigger reason is the crowds. The “Whoops” and “Gig ‘Ems” Aggies are known for are commonplace at basketball games, and they resound all the more in the team’s enclosed home court arena. Maroon and white are everywhere, and you also won’t go long without witnessing fans lock arms and chant the Aggie War Hymn. Basketball fans will enjoy the action on the court, and those less-involved in the sports world will get a kick out of everything that happens on the bleachers. Don’t miss Aggie’s final home game of the season on March 5.

Texas A&M Wildflower Viewing Areas

The bluebonnet is the official flower of the state of Texas, and come spring it’ll be crystal clear as to why. Wildflowers, and most notably bluebonnets, cover nearly every square inch of untended grassland in the state--especially in Brazos Valley. You’ll know its bluebonnet season when all your Texan friends suddenly sing the praises of this iconic wildflower. However, bluebonnets aren’t necessarily a free reign flower.

Though you’ll find bluebonnets everywhere, that doesn’t mean you should automatically go frolicking in the fields. The State of Texas actually recommends that you not take photos with bluebonnets off the side of highways, as this could present a hazard for you and other motorists. That’s why you’ll want to take advantage of Texas A&M’s designated viewing places. These beds of bluebonnets are scattered throughout campus, and even include a special maroon-bonnet hybrid designed just for these plantings.

Aggie Muster

All Aggie’s have something in common. It’s more than the maroon and white, more than the hymns and chants and traditions, more than the Fightin’ Texas Aggie athletics, and more even than having spent four years in the friendliest college town in the country. What all Aggie’s have is a stake in a centuries-old legacy. This is what the Muster is intended to celebrate.

Aggie’s gathered for the first, at the time unofficial, muster in June of 1883 to reminisce on their college days and their experiences on the drill field. Fast forward to 1903, and this annual gathering became more celebratory and also included the opportunity for every alumni to answer a roll call. Jump again to 1922, at which time April 21 became the official day of the Muster for all Aggies. Every year, Musters take place in 300 locations around the world, but the biggest is and will always be on Texas A&M’s College Station campus. Campus Muster 2019 will take place Monday, April 22, at Reed Arena, beginning at 7 p.m. The ceremony will include a keynote speaker, Roll Call for the Absent, and a rendition of Silver Taps. A Camaraderie BBQ will be held from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. before the main ceremony begins in honor of the year’s 50th reunion class.

The Outdoor Pool

Spring is the season to be outside, and for more reasons than just the vibrant bluebonnets. The weather is ideal and the humidity, while present, is not oppressive. Though College Station is surrounded by parks and trails perfect for walking, biking, and hiking, there’s also something special about lounging beside the swimming pool.

Featuring one of the most desirable pools in College Station, the rooftop at Texas A&M Hotel and Conference Center is an ideal spot for lounging around during spring. All-day sun and views of Kyle Field make this a place to both relax and revel in the Aggie spirit. Block T Bar and Junction Market + Cafe serve up mouthwatering on-the-go meals, buzzworthy coffees and cocktails, and so many other treats you’ll want to enjoy poolside. And if you’ve had your fill of pool time? Lounge beneath an Aggie-themed cabana, enjoy a drink at one of many other rooftop seating areas or even play a few games on the expansive deck.
Rediscover spring in College Station. From wildflowers to basketball games, you’ll experience everything that sets College Station apart from other small Texas towns. Unlike other College Station hotels, at Texas A&M Hotel and Conference Center, you’ll have a front-row seat to the cherished sites, sounds, and traditions that make springtime in Aggieland so captivating. Once you’ve seen it for yourself, you’ll join us in singing the songs of spring.
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