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Winter Things to Do

Winter in College Station is unlike winter in almost any other small town. Whereas small towns in colder climates hunker down, College Station seems to rise up as the humidity retreats and the temperature settles at a moderate 50 degrees. In Aggieland, fall and winter are the seasons to get outside.

College Station Parks

There's never been a better time to opt outside. Fresh air in Texas is best in the winter. Outdoor parks are a great way to reconnect with friends new and old, whether that's over a distanced picnic or a pick-up game.

Experience Small-Town Charm, Texas-Style

College Station is more than just old brick buildings, weekly farmer's markets, and a unique energy brought only by Texas A&M University. Hip new boutiques are mixed with decades old, family-owned stores, making this a charming yet with-the-times town perfect for your next weekend getaway.

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In a small town, everyone is part of the family. And with the Maroon + White Club, you'll always be a member of ours. Join today to qualify for exclusive perks each time you come explore College Station's sights and sounds.
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