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senior aggies at graduation
Aggie Senior Spirit

Celebrating Aggie Seniors 


There's a Spirit can ne'er be told in Aggieland. It is a spirit of pride and community. It is a spirit that is engrained deep inside each and every Aggie to bond together and connect during times of tribulation and times of triumph and celebration.

This unique time in our history is preventing some of the key celebrations that senior Aggies hold so dear - Ring Day, Ring Dance, Elephant Walk and more. As the 'guesthouse' of the university we want to recognize our senior Aggie team members as well as your senior Aggie in our own special way. Let's spread a word of encouragement and celebrate Aggie senior's achievements and accomplishments.

Post a photo of you or your favorite Aggie senior and provide them with a few words of encouragement. Don't forget to tag your image using #AggieSeniorSpirit when you share on social media.

caitlyn mcnutt


Howdy Ags! I stand strong with all of you who are also waiting to receive their Aggie rings. Take courage in the simple fact that as soon as we receive that symbolic golden ring, we will get to wear it proudly for the rest of our lives! I cannot wait to be back in Aggieland with y'all. Gig 'Em & God Bless!


You're not walking, but we're still talking: YOU DID IT! And we couldn't be more proud! Forever AGGIE Class of 2020!!


Congratulations on all of your Accomplishments!


We are so proud of you and all of your accomplishments. You have served your school and your community with pride and undeniable Aggie spirit...you are a shining star in the class of 2020!! Congratulations!!!


Walking is overrated! 😉 YOU DID IT CAINNER! We are so proud of you! Gig’em! #tamu2020 


We are so proud of you and all of your accomplishments! Congratulations! Class of 2020 ❤️


Cheyenne, you have worked so hard to get to this point and I’m so sad you don’t get to walk in May to celebrate your accomplishments. Just know we love you and are so proud of you and how hard you worked. You are achieving great things and we can’t wait to watch you change the world!


We’re so proud of you! Finish strong! You have worked so hard to get here. I’m sad you have to miss these last events but it doesn’t take away your Aggie spirit!👍🏻 


Taylor we are so very proud of you and all that you have accomplished. We love you! 


“There is no script. Live your life. Soak it all in.” Dick Costolo


Megan, We are so proud of you and are excited to see what the future holds for you after graduation! I am sorry you and the rest of the Class of 2020 won’t get to walk but you will all be celebrated!! We love you!


There's a spirit that can ne'er be told.  Even coronavirus can't take that away.


I choose her because the virus outbreak effected her very deeply and i was wanting her to catch a break for all the commotion.


You have worked so hard and overcome obstacles to get this far. I am so proud of you and love you. Congratulations on such a great accomplishment!


Addie you are on the home stretch! Continue like you have always done and push through to the end. I know your senior year did not end like you or I wanted but know this nothing can take away the love and pride I have for you! You Did It! You are a college graduate !!! So much love to you Chicken!!!


The Class of 2020 will forever be seen as the fearless leaders during a trying time! We are always proud of our Class of ‘20 Aggie! Gig’em Kate 👍


You gave a clear “Gig’em” in the womb, and it has always been 2020 clear that you’ll be a great Aggie! 3 National Handball Championships, remarkable academics, and an Aggie spirit that makes my heart swell with pride...your whole family is proud of the person and the Aggie that you are. Congratulations for the awesome achievement of graduating from the greatest university! We love you!


Lauren, we love you so much and we are so proud of you!! We know this is so hard to not finish your senior year at A&M the way you had planned but God has some incredible things in store for you and your Aggie family will make sure you are feeling supported and loved!! ❤️❤️


Cole, I’m so beyond happy for you! Graduation is the first step into a new chapter of your life and you are almost there. You were born to be great. I’ve always believed in you, and I will never stop believing. I am so blessed to be your sister and never forget how proud I am of you. Thanks & gig 'em!


I know the cancellation of your ring day and graduation was devastating to you, but we are still so proud of your achievements! We are proud of our Aggie!!! Gig em!

ashleigh moody


I know this may not have been the way we expected our senior year to end. But I do know that we are all still graduating from the best university in the world! Use what you have learned from your classes and go out there and make a difference in the world. #classof2020

ben riggs


Hang in there!


As we sit at home during this difficult time, we are blessed with the opportunity to reflect back on all of the memories we have made here at Texas A&M. Moving forward, with or without a graduation, we have been given skills that will allow us to make even the biggest of our future dreams one day turn into reality and then someday; a memory. None of which could have happened without our beloved Texas A&M University!


Shawna, Life has thrown you one curve after another your whole life, but you have grown into such a strong, beautiful, kind, generous, and Godly woman. You have trusted in God and you have come out victorous. I am so very proud of you and all that you have accomplished this far in your life and can't wait to see what is in store from this moment on. I love you. Mom

jordan zapata


Aggieland, I have had made the best experience and Cherish all the great memories at Texas A&M!! Ring day was one of the best day!! I look forward to the day I finally get to walk the stage and celebrate with my family & friends!

amber st john


There is no greater honor than being an Aggie Parent. We are so proud of our daughter Amber St. John and her upcoming graduation from Texas A&M University. You have truly grown into an incredible and beautiful young woman. Thank you for your sacrifices as a military dependent and we look forward to seeing what adventures await you. Congratulations and Gig’em! - Love, Dad & Mom

alison mcclelland


Alison represents all it means to be an Aggie, and I couldn't be prouder. All of her hard work, dedication and love of all things Aggie has brought her to this moment of completing her senior year. May God shower you with his blessings as you step forth on your new path. We are so proud of you. Love, Mom and Dad

hannah albright


Words cannot express how proud I am of you! Much love goes out to you for finishing the journey at Texas A&M. I’m so grateful that you found your 2nd family within the Texas A&M Cheer Squad and winning two National Titles! I have 100% confidence in your promising future in law. I know you will make a difference in this world! Congratulations Hannah!

reagan wiggs


Reagan, you have always had such a bright smile and have brought so much joy Into our lives. It has been a blast meeting your roommates and your Breakaway group of roadies, watching you play in the Hullabaloo band and hearing about your senior projects. Hold on to your strong faith and keep up your positive attitude and you will go far in life. We could not be more proud of everything you have accomplished and are excited to see what the future holds for you after you complete this final year as a graduate of Texas A&M Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2020. Gig’em and Whoop! Love, Mom ‘87 Dad ‘87, Kevin ‘17, Hannah ‘17, Kyle ‘17 and Kristin ‘17.

hannah albright


Congratulations, Hannah, not only for all you have accomplished, but also how you’ve handled the disappointments of this crazy Spring, 2020. We are so proud of you, and look forward to seeing what the future holds for you in law school and beyond! This Baylor girl wouldn’t say this for anyone but you, but here goes: Gig ‘em, Hannah and Class of 2020! 👍🏼 Love you, Aunt Vicki

yadira hernandez


Hey girl, thanks for being the best friend I could ask for. Thankful we got lost at fish camp together and became friends. Here's to all the memories we made and the ones we still have to make. From Pull Out Day, to being RAs, football games, Ring Day- and to many more! Gig Em Forever and can't wait to see you walk across that stage in August!

avery daniels


What a joy it has been watching you grow into the beautiful, smart, hilariously funny, young lady that you are. Though this wasn’t the ending to your Sr. year at A&M we were expecting... None of this can take away all you have accomplished. We are so proud of our little Aggie and are so excited for your next adventure. Gig Em! ~ SHMILY


Nich, this ending to your college career isn’t what anyone was expecting, but you’ve been pushing through every obstacle and jumping over every hurdle in your path. Seeing that motivates me and makes me want to do the same and never give up when any inconvenience occurs to me in during my A&M career. You’ve been amazing through these unfortunate times and your energy radiates to the people who surround you and love you. Stay safe and Gig ‘em!


Look down at that ring and keep moving forward!


Nothing can diminish all the accomplishments you have made the last 4 years. You are aloud to be sad, angry and frustrated, but remember, first and foremost, that you are still graduating. Nothing can take that away from you. Your parents are extremely proud of you and want you to reach for the stars. We love you!


You’ve always blown me away with how hard you work and how dedicated you are to those you love. And that is the making of a great student, friend, and doctor.


I love you and I’m so proud of you!!


An incredible friend. I admire your positivity and dedication to everything you put heart into. So proud of everything you have accomplished!!


We are so proud of you and your accomplishments!! You are a role model for your students! Keeping up as a full time teacher, hosting fundraiser for others in need, and passing your classes with flying colors shows your constant drive and determination!! We love you!


Morgan, you’ve worked SO HARD to finish strong in Biomedical Science!! We are so STINKIN’ proud of you!!!! You’re the first Aggie graduate in the family and you make us proud every single day!! You have such a bright future. Shoot for the moon and you will always land among the stars!! Love you, Mom, Dad, Kristen


We are so proud of you! Your hard work has really paid off. Whoop!


We picked this picture because even though you won’t get to walk the stage, attend ring dance and enjoy your final semester at the only college you ever wanted to attend, you laugh. You bring us such joy and pride because you know God has control and you are just hanging on for the ride. Congratulations Reva, Class of 2020. We wish you more success, love and laughter as you continue your path. Whoop!! You did it!!! @marksykesphotography @msykesphoto


Kyna, all of the family is so proud of you! Through your hard work and grit, you have gotten to this point. I know that finishing the semester is hard because there may be a reality of no graduation but just know despite the circumstances that you don’t deserve, you are an Aggie and you can and will BTHO this last stretch! Your time spent studying, ta-ing, and selflessly serving the Aggie community show your heart and determination. No matter how this semester ends, you will succeed and I know you will handle it with grace and strength! I love you!


We are so proud of you. Your Public Health training has never been needed more than right now. Congratulations! We love you.


We are all extremely proud of all your accomplishments during your collegian career, and especially so for this one! We hope that you continue to push yourself to try new things and work hard to reach your full potential. You will succeed in anything you do!


We love you so much and are so proud of you! Graduating from A&M is something to always be proud of because it wasn't easy and it took hard work, grit and determination! Finish strong and we love you!


Congratulations to my absolute favorite Aggie in the whole world! I am so thankful that Aggieland gave me the opportunity to meet such an incredible person as you are, as well as getting to spend most your days here together! I wish you can achieve all of your dreams and goals, and remember that all of the effort you put into this moment, is not for granted! You are AMAZING!! Congrats to my proudest and loudest Aggie Class of 2020!! I love you!


This is my favorite Aggie Senior! Sydney is kind, encouraging, smart, authentic, and the biggest testament to what it means to be an Aggie that you will ever see. I’m so sad to see her time in Aggieland end this way, but she is patient and strong and so worthy of her accomplishments regardless of the situation! You’re amazing Syd!


You have accomplished so much! Keep your head up and moving forward, you have so much ahead!


We are the Aggies, The Aggies are we! We got this, Ags!


Your dad and I couldn’t be more proud of you! I know that this isn’t the semester or graduation you planned, but you have still pushed through with a smile. Big things lie ahead! Congrats to you and the entire Fighting Texas Aggie Class of 2020!


I’m posting this for my boyfriend, AGEC class of 2020. Matt has overcame so many adversities in his life. From being a Marine to trying to assimilate back into civilian life, Matt has climbed many mountains. He’s steadfast and strong, and I know this final mountain may be emotionally difficult, but I know he will come out the other side, stronger than ever and with his name on an A&M degree to boot. I’m so proud of him.

I am so proud of you! Remember you take the spirit and magic of Aggieland with you wherever you go! Congratulations sweet girl! #gigem


Even though I lost the rest of my senior year at A&M, I still have all my love and support that is what got me to this campus in the first place. I will finish strong for myself and my family because this is for them.


Your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed. Your amazing spirit and love of life amazes me everyday. Love you!!!


Jenny and I are so proud of you. Your perseverance, dedication, and outstanding work ethic as helped you achieve such a prestigious goal as an Aggie graduate of 2020! Your future is bright and it is now up to you to go achieve your dreams as you graduate. We love you!


I am so incredibly proud of the hard work you have put in to get here. Being a first-generation college student and supporting yourself throughout your college career has not been easy and I truly admire you. Waking up at 6 am to do your on-campus job then having labs until 8 pm requires self-dedication and motivation. I know you have looked forward to walking the stage, being able to hold your diploma and make your parents proud. Even though it will not get to happen as expected you are still going to make them proud, I promise you. Once you get to walk the stage in a couple of months it will all be worth it. I love you so much my Aggie! I can't wait to see what the future holds for you. God bless you today and always.


Aggies fight! You’ve embraced that Aggie spirit and never quit attitude. Conquer the challenge of a quarantined final semester. We are so proud of you! Gig’Em! “No discipline seemed pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on they produce a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who are trained by it.” Hebrews 12:11. Love Mom, Dad and Stephen ;)


I'm so proud of you sister! You have accomplished so much, your hard work has really paid off. Whoop!


Guadalupe, from day 1, has always brought joy to my life. She and I worked together a tough job as groundskeepers for a very long time. Her dedication to school, to her co-workers, and to her family is second to none. I couldn’t see anyone else more representative of the Aggie Spirit and believe wholeheartedly she will represent the Aggie network forever! 


We are so proud of all your accomplishments and the person that you have grown to be. Your hard work and dedication hasn’t gone unnoticed. We love you so much! Congratulations! 🎉 -Your Family 


You are simply amazing! Texas A&M was your dream college and you made it happen. You had some of the best experiences of your life and we couldn't be happier for you. We can't wait to see what you do next. We are so sorry that you aren't able to walk the stage to finalize your 4 jam packed years at A&M but the memories and education you take with you through life are far more wonderful. We are beyond proud of you.


I’m so proud of my sister! I know this isn’t the senior year you had planned, but it’s going to feel so great when you get that diploma! You’re a wonderful example of the Aggie spirit. Gig 'em! (and BTHO that last round of finals)


I am so proud of you and all of your accomplishments. I can't believe that in the year 2000 when we came to the United States you were only two years old and barely spoke a word. Your first language was Russian and you had to learn English and Spanish. The house was filled with Legos and you loved building so many things. You graduated high school with honors and entered one of the most prestigious schools, Texas A&M! You endured four years of long nights studying and discipline in order to reach your goals. No matter what the circumstances are in life and even though you won't be able to have a graduation ceremony, please know that to us you are our hero. I can't explain how happy and proud I am of you my Aggie! I love you so much. - Mami


Andrea, I am so proud of you and everything you have accomplished this far. You are an inspiration and one of the best friends I could ever ask for. You motivate me to do my best by setting the example and showing me you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. I am so happy that you will be continuing your education at A&M and I can’t wait to see where this road takes you (and make sure to stop at Laynes along the way). Love you always & CONGRATULATIONS (almost) AGGIE GRAD! 


Dad and I are so very proud of all your accomplishments! Shout out to doing it in 4 years!!


Mack & I were random roommates this year - her being 22, me being 19. Both of us were a bit weary coming into the fall having such an age gap, but it truly was a blessing. Mack is now my best friend, and I can’t imagine life without her. She is the most motivational and driven person I have ever met; She is constantly pushing me to be the best I can be, and she truly makes me a better person all around. When I heard the commencement ceremony would not be happening, my heart hurt for Mack. After being a collegiate soccer player, battling head injuries, being in, my opinion, one of the hardest and most trying majors, and overcoming many struggles, I wanted to see her walk that stage so she could have that moment of realization that she had made it - she had succeeded. While many may think it isn’t a big deal due to the fact that these seniors get their degrees regardless, they don’t realize the amount of blood, sweat, and tears that went into these years of college, and I wish Mack could have her moment on that stage. I pray that Mack stays driven during these chaotic times, that she finishes her last semester strong, and that she realizes how much she has accomplished and how proud I am of her along with all of her family and friends. I love you so much, Mack, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you!! 


I'm proud of you Mack. You're going to do great things once you get out in the real world. I'm happy to be able to know you, and I cannot wait to see what you become.


NanaDad is so very proud of you and the incredible, young, Christian woman that you are!


Baylee, you might be missing your graduation, ring day, classes on campus, discussions with your professors, coffee with a friend, late nights talks with your roommate, and soaking up those last days walking in Aggieland as a student, plus so much more. But what COVID-19 can’t take away is you are graduating with honors in 3 years from one of the top universities, with the friendliest students and finest professors, on the greatest campus, in the best town in the great state of Texas. We are so proud of you and what you have accomplished, but even more proud of the woman you have become. You possess the same core values as your soon to be alma mater: excellence, integrity, leadership, loyalty, respect and selfless service in all you do. We look forward to what your future holds and how God is going to use you for His kingdom. We know you will make us all proud.


Baylee, we are so proud of you!! Congratulations on graduating. Can’t wait to see all you do with your bright future. We love you!


Hard work pays off! We're so proud of you, Cooper!


You have worked so hard for your schooling Maycee! We so proud of your hard work. This is a tough time to be a senior, but we have never been so proud. You will go out in the world and change it for the better. You will always be an Aggie. Gig Em!!!


You are strong, you are smart, and most of all you are an Aggie!!! Never stop growing in your faith and knowledge of the world. And remember to always leave a place or a person better off than before you were there or met them. We love you and are super proud of you!


We are proud of our Aggie. Class of 2020. We love you.


All things are possible through God.


Believe in yourself and all that you are. I know the journey hasn’t been easy but it has been worth it. We are very proud of you. We love you Diego Rivera. 


You are more determined than anyone we’ve ever known. So proud of you and can’t wait to celebrate with you as only Aggies can!


Aggies Serve - Go Serve The World!


Congratulations! We love you! We are so proud of you! Gig ‘Em Sr 2020


My sweet Chelsea. You came into my life at such an unexpected and needed time. You have embodied the true meaning of being an Aggie. I couldn’t have gotten through this year without you. I’m so proud of you and all the hard work that you do, not just in the classroom but in everything that you put your mind and heart to. Love you!!


You are the most beautiful person inside and out and you deserve the world my sweet friend. You should be celebrated on your graduation and I hope this can help a little bit! I love you so much!


“in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”-Albert Einstein


Felicidades bro! De los Arcos a TAMU! buen logro! Mucha suerte en tus proximas etapas!


Madison has the heart of a true Aggie! Madison is such a giver and helper to everyone she meets. She studied to be a middle school teacher/coach and is trying to get a job in the North Dallas area. Madison does so much for others and we are sad that she is missing out on so much as a college senior at this time.


Raim, my not-so little brother and best friend for life! Words cannot describe how proud I am of you and how much I love you. Seeing you reach this important milestone in your life proves how hard work and determination equals success. It also shows so much of your character, one that perseveres and never gives up. You are a go getter and you have always been. I have no doubt you will go far and live a successful life. All I can think about is the day you were born, the moment dad took me to the hospital and mom came out carrying you in her arms, I saw you and knew I had met my best friend for life. Since that moment, you have always held a special place in my heart. We share a special bond one I think very few brothers and sisters share. I remember when you first started crawling and I began to crawl after you, I remember when you first started walking, when you started first grade, then middle school, then high school ... and now you’re graduating college. My heart explodes of happiness and pride! You’ve become a handsome and smart young man and an even better uncle! Maxi loves his “Ami” so much and I’m sure he will always look up to you. We’ve been through a lot but God has always had our back and has blessed every step of the way. I know he will continue blessing you and guiding your steps. I love you so much, Ra! Congratulations!!!!!! With love and admiration - Janel, Jojo and Maxi


Congratulations and all the best to you as you begin this wonderful new career. You are absolutely the sweetest, kindest, most loving Texas A &M Senior of 2020. Love you always and forever!


I am so proud of you. You have worked hard and are so deserving. Congratulations!

As an added bonus, one lucky Aggie senior will receive a private senior celebration at Block T Lounge for up to 20 people and a two night stay in one of our Texas A&M Hotel suites.

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